Black and White: New Year's Clothing 2012

ModeWhiteness and sable, together and separately, are more relevant in this season. Take with sable super mini bright satin or whiteness maxi air of chiffon. Style hit - a dark-and-white models: flowers, stripes, geometry and abstraction.Novel look and animal print in black and whiteness. To wishlist that beastly theme - the tendency of a time. Dark gloves, sable studs and sable boa will be helpful to you when you make an image of the New Year. This is a win-win thing.  Similar posts:Fashion CrumpetStyle Mode Accessories: Gerls's hats: hats, caps, berets, bowlersFashion Summer gerls's pants. Читать полностью -->

New Trendy manicure 2012

VogueNew Year's manicure no less serious option than the New Year's makeup, because the woman 18 years old's hand always attract note, and so must to be comfortably-groomed and fashionable. Specifically upon a holidays.Designers offer us several current trends for a festive manicure, 2012.  Similar articles:Vogue Bright exhaust optimismFashion Summer street fashionVogue Fall fashions costume for full figures. . . . . Читать полностью -->

New Trendy manicure 2013

StyleNew Year's manicure no less momentous option than a New Year's makeup, because the girl 18 years old's hands always attract efforts, and therefore wish to be well-groomed and fashionable. Particularly upon a holidays.Designers propose us some current trends for the festive manicure, 2012.  Resembling posts:Vogue Fur motivesMode Cute trinketsStyle Style handbags. . . . . Читать полностью -->

New Trendy manicure 2012

VogueNew Year's manicure no less significant option than the New Year's makeup, because a girl's hand ever attract attention, and so want to look rightly-groomed and fashionable. Particularly during a holidays.Stylists propose us several current trends for a festive manicure, 2013.  Resembling articles:Style Autumn Fashion: Gallery of Current jerseyFashion Insulate his head caps and beretsMode Women of fashion, female students. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Patrizia Pepe: vogue clothing 2012

StyleFashion and dynamism, to substitute a measured wintry time, more and more bright source comes. Style "hippies" so familiar again breaks out. We propose to clothes up in tights and legintsy, with no limitations in color, or in long skirts done of light fabrics with efficient pattern. Long strict cropped jackets or "skin jacket" and an indispensable attribute of hippie style of all time - a wide headband complete great hair.  Like posts:Mode Autumn Fashion: What are a most fashionable pants?Mode Wedding: photo of fine clothingVogue Men's hats. . . Читать полностью -->

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