Mode Nails Summer 2009: The colors of nail manicure

ModeIn this period's fashion pastel shades of nail polish. Luck can be both transparent and opaque. Major hits of the summer are considered soft pink, turquoise, berry and whiteness. Lucky dark shades that were however popular finish winter, has get irrelevant.For work and leisure are perfect for the girl 18 years old translucent watercolor shades of nail polish. Classical white color returned and became highly popular. He is able to make a nails are much bright. Читать полностью -->

Vogue hats Fall 2013

StyleVery lovely hat with a wide brim - this piece, which is impossible to pass by. Of course, flaunt elegant hats available only in dry weather. Mode stylists presented the cap in combination with cloaks, coats and trench coats. The ensemble can be decorated with a great flower.If you do not same "bohemian" broad-brimmed hat, you can opt for hats, Cloche, "male" or bowler hats.  Alike articles:Mode A most fashionable hats and handbags for fall-winter periodVogue 1Gallery of fashionable gerls's shoesFashion Fashion Office. . . Читать полностью -->

Vogue 2013 flower palette: vogue watches women's watches 2012

FashionIn a vogue in this period is rapidly broke watches done in 2 colors. Most vogue stylists and enterprises enjoy presented a collections in just such a two-bloom items.A harmony of two colors allows two ways to perceive a model, production it more versatile and suitable for all situations. That clocks will be relevant and at work, combining correctly with suits, and in his spare time devoted to rest, when a style of clothes can be more unassuming. The general thing is that the colors are right blended together.In the 2013 time the trend is considered to be highly relevant combination of black with gold. A lot of style houses are widely used in the collection is a range of colors.Design Moschino developers believe that this winter period is most relevant and will be a combination of spicy black stone and favorable steel. These hours may keep a big impact on a image so a whole, adding rigor to it and at the like time bringing a tinge of warmth and joie de vivre.A cottage Moschino completed his assemblage of watches is in a range of colors, creating a twenty-five varied models of quartz watches. Читать полностью -->


StyleIf you purchase shoes and shoes with pointed toe and poor heel - believe that you are in the tone of the current mode. That are a models that can be characterized so a "retro-nostalgia", evoke a romantic mood and fashion reminiscent of times of our grandmothers. However, presently all that shoes and boots get a more modern be thanks to a garish colors and extraordinary materials.  Alike articles:Vogue Autumn mode gerls's coat: Graduation in length: Super miniVogue Fashion AccessoriesMode Mode Accessories. . . . Читать полностью -->


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