Overalls: Vogue Jeans Winter period 2009 - 2012

VogueDenim overalls are becoming more well-known. In the new period's collections were presented fairly diverse. Such costumes this summer has been seen on some American celebrities. Fashionable jumpsuits may get overestimated a waist, slim silhouette or bod of a eastern Sharovarov.  Resembling posts:Style Woolen hats with wide border-bandVogue Fall Mode 2012: Top Shoe TrendsVogue Naked Warmth: swimwear. . . Читать полностью -->

Fashion Nails Summer 2009: The colors of nail manicure

FashionIn this time's mode pastel shades of nail polish. Luck may be both transparent and opaque. Major hits of the summer are considered mild pink, turquoise, berry and whiteness. Lucky darkness shades that were so pop last winter, has get irrelevant.For work and leisure are perfect for the girl translucent watercolor shades of nail polish. Classical whiteness flower returned and became extremely pop. He is able to create a nails are very bright. Читать полностью -->

Style skirt spring 2012

ModeIt is not the 1-st period we enjoy a opportunity to flaunt in overalls. A cold-blooded time of the year - a helf excuse to dress up in a suit, which is not only beautify, but also soft. Interestingly, the style overalls winter time 2013/2013 - highly different: you can be practical and rigorous, playful and seductive, open and humble...Lovely skirt - this is a piece of clothes with which It is possible to create a image to select from, with romantic to sporty. At the same time, the mini skirt allows us in a way to be feminine and magnetically.The new spring period of 2013 stylists propose women a classic skirts and skirts extraordinary fashion. Each fashionista, taking advantage of our recommendations, will be able to choose for themselves a most appropriate lovely skirt to add to to your wardrobe.  Similar posts:Mode Autumn-Winter time 2011/2012: Style Accessories & FootwearMode Christmas presents, jewelry, depending on the horoscopeVogue Women's hats. . Читать полностью -->

Super mini Clothing 2011 mini mode summer 2011

FashionDoll heir TootsieClothes in a doll fashion well-known for years. But now they are also very short. No issue what you select: naive peas or favorable patterns, full skirt, a emphasis on the waist and puffed sleeves turn you into a princess.On a tennis courtSport, the how-called "tennis" dresses and skirts are very pop in the summer of 2012. Specifically actually views pleated skirt or pleating. Among the favorites - white. No wonder that men are so interested in tennis. Читать полностью -->

Patrizia Pepe: fashion wear 2012

ModeStyle and dynamism, to substitute a measured wintry time, more and more bright source comes. Fashion "hippies" as familiar again breaks out. We offer to clothing up in tights and legintsy, with no limitations in color, or in great skirts made of lightness fabrics with effectual pattern. Long strict cropped jackets or "skin jacket" and an indispensable attribute of hippie style of all time - a wide headband over long hair.  Similar posts:Vogue Summer vacationFashion Haute Couture: hot gerls's jackets, vests, jackets and jewelryStyle Short necklace of big beads. . . Читать полностью -->

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