Long live the retro and aggressive head

Fashionable underwear spring-summer 2010VogueLingerie in retro style is still relevant in a new season, although not any young woman will dare to wear pants with a big waist hard (and in fact they are perfectly hiding abdomen) and retro bra (very handy for large breasts). But perhaps a fact that we same organic cotton, naive retro lace and small patterns (especially in flower).Designers do not forget to make and laundry to downright screaming around the sexuality and emancipation. Bright colors, contrasting trim, candid styles that provoke tissue - it seems that sex has recently get boring? - Choose clothes in which you can feel same an experienced seductress.The collection source-summer 2013 is a rich palette of shades of pink, ranging from the lightest and ending with a touch of fuchsia. Pink - the traditional blossom for ladies. And it does not happen much.  Same posts:Fashion Summer season: Style OrnamentalsFashion Fashion Jewelry: Gallery of female fur hatsFashion Summer Fashion: What to take glasses. . Читать полностью -->

Cloak - Cape Spring 2012

ModeCloak classical slit, reminiscent of a poncho, gerls wore before. Now the traditional fashion spacious supplemented in approximately detail, allowing to draw attention to the fragility and grace of the female figure.To attain exactly this capacity, select a cape on a wood floor or medium length. Those who followed the style shows may be sure - most designers complement similar style raincoats, boots big boots. If it is - not your shoes, you can stay on a high platform ankle boots and high heels.  Same posts:Fashion models for source-summerMode A experiment or reality?Style Styles of designer dresses summer season. . . Читать полностью -->

Mode denim shorts summer 2013

VogueShort jeans (slightly threadbare) shorts with cuffs stylists offer us to wear with great cardigans, jackets and raincoats. A main thing that the shorts were shorter coats.Great example of a style "sasual" shows us mode brand H & M.But it is equally properly-shorts be fine with tucked in their white shirts and jumpers to a waist.A traditional combination of white, blue, gray and browned designers use to make a new classical.  Similar posts:Style Summer orientation for business womanVogue The right selection necklaces for variant types of cutsMode Fur motives. . . . . Читать полностью -->

New Trendy manicure 2012

VogueNew Year's manicure no less influential selection than a New Year's makeup, because the young woman's hand ever attract striving, and why must to be rightly-groomed and fashionable. Specifically during a holidays.Designers propose us some current trends for the festive manicure, 2012.  Similar articles:Mode Style trends of the fall time 2011: The Gerls's Coats & JacketsVogue Summer mode. Gallery of gerls's work clothes for soft weatherFashion Woolen hats with wide border-band. . . . Читать полностью -->

Sable and Whiteness: New Year's Clothing 2012

StyleWhiteness and sable, together and separately, are extremely relevant in this season. Choose from dark mini bright satin or white maxi air of chiffon. Vogue hit - a sable-and-white models: flowers, stripes, geometry and abstraction.Individual be and animal print in dark and whiteness. Note that beastly theme - a tendency of the period. Dark gloves, dark studs and sable boa will be effective to you when you make an image of a New Year. This is a win-win item.  Alike posts:Fashion Christmas gifts, ornamentals, depending on a horoscopeStyle Beachwear and swimwearFashion Styles summer sundresses. Читать полностью -->

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