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Fashion 2012: super mini skirts, mini clothes and shorts - trendy summer 2012

FashionMini victorious march to a podium in 2010: a traditional super mini-skirts, ultra short shorts, dresses seductive frivolous length. All this is very true in the spring and summer of 2010. Of course, they want a slender form and lovely legs. But you're yet going to freshen up for the beach season.  Alike posts:Vogue Insulate his head caps and beretsMode Fashionable coat for the offseasonFashion Source Style Gallery girls costume. . . Читать полностью -->

Vogue tights, leggings and socks for Source 2012

ModeTights - is that part of a girl 18 years old's wardrobe, which may give a unique charm to a ensemble. Of course, provided that that claws - stylish, fashionable and meticulously fitted. It is very important to supplement these tights costume that will not be discordant with it in style, lest you spoil even the most elegant technique.  Alike posts:Mode Autumn fashion collection. From the simple - to glamFashion The preferred fashion of glassesVogue What to wear to a job in a summer. . . Читать полностью -->

Fashion Nails Summer 2009: The colors of nail manicure

ModeIn this season's vogue pastel shades of nail polish. Luck may be both transparent and opaque. Major hits of a summer are considered soft pink, turquoise, berry and whiteness. Lucky colored shades that were so popular last winter period, has get irrelevant.For work and leisure are perfect for the woman translucent watercolor shades of nail polish. Classic white blossom returned and became extremely well-known. He is able to do the nails are extremely bright. Читать полностью -->

Big clutches vogue handbags Fall 2012

FashionClutch bags so a shape of fashionable gerls enjoy long been appreciated. Little exquisite bags, more same purses, which may be put alone a most indispensable, most often used in a creation of elegant image. But this period, at the peak of popularity - great clutches that resemble large envelopes. They are suitable for business style. Particularly impressive be lacquered crocodile facial skin clutch. Elegant clutches rarely decorate anything more than a big buckle. Читать полностью -->

Style 2012 blossom palette: mode watches women's watches 2013

FashionIn the mode in this time is rapidly broke watches made in 2 colors. Most style designers and companies have presented your collections in just such a two-blossom products.The harmony of 2 colors allows 2 ways to perceive the model, production it more versatile and suitable for all situations. That clocks will be relevant and at work, combining correctly with costumes, and in his spare time devoted to rest, when the fashion of wear can be more unassuming. The general thing is that the colors are good blended together.In the 2012 time a tendency is considered to be highly relevant combination of black with gold. Many vogue houses are widely used in their collection is a range of colors.Design Moschino developers believe that this winter time is most relevant and will be a combination of spicy dark stone and golden steel. That hours may have a big impact on a image so a whole, adding rigor to it and at a like time bringing a tinge of warmth and joie de vivre.The cottage Moschino completed his assemblage of watches is in a range of colors, making a twenty-five different models of quartz watches. Читать полностью -->

To walk (park, shop, playground)

FashionSimple:Mike on a shoulder straps plus slacks or a great skirt. At the height of fashion - great shirts with rich cuts on a sides, allowing demonstrate your underwear and a thin waist.If you wish brightness - pick out tulip great skirt with large flowers. And let it look too flashy fashion for «casual» - a rules may sometimes be broken.Romantically:Simple on a fashion breeches or shorts can be supplemented blouse or jacket topom in romantic fashion (ruffles, pastel range, puffed sleeves). You'll look cute and casual at the like time.Just do not overdo it with figgery: simple necklace or a thin chain with an elegant pendant, a duo of shine bracelets or great pendant earrings.In the fashion of safari:Trouser costumes and shirt-clothing in the fashion of a safari - a fine option of casual wear. They are ever appropriate, all fit and give a image of confidence. And ethnic jewelery and bright hat will be a fine addition to that version.  Alike posts:Fashion Fall fashion footwearVogue Style Accessories: Gallery of female fur hatsMode Trendy clothes for summer: trousers and shorts. Читать полностью -->

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